Thursday, March 17, 2011

World Travelers

There is a lot of traveling in the near future for the Spider Murphy's crew.

In early May, Theo Mindell and Paul Dobleman will be heading to Italy for the Rome convention and hanging out with our dear friend, Beppe.

Then on June 10th-13th, Stuart Cripwell and Paul Dobleman will be at the Ink & Iron convention in Long Beach, California.  If anyone wants to book appointments, please call the shop at (415) 460-6979.

Paul Dobleman got on a plane yesterday with his mom to Egypt, so everyone think good thoughts.

Matt Howse

Viking sleeve in progress by Theo Mindell
Stuart Cripwell 

Heather Bailey working on her flash.  Due out July 2011!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spider Murphy's Tattoo have finally decided to enter the modern age and start a blog!  Check in with us often see photos of new tattoos and paintings as well as info about upcoming events.